Ms. Laura

Studio Relations Manager

Need a hand? Have a question? Want to schedule an event? Who you gonna call? Ms. Laura! Our ‘Go to Gal’, Ms. Laura is willing and able to help you with any need you may have; not only at the studio, but at home, school and work.  Recently celebrating her 30 years at San Diego Zoo Global; with the last 14 years dedicated to their Research Division, Ms. Laura also brings her administrational and organizational skill set to USSD Bridge2breakthru.

Ms. Laura started training in the Martial Arts when her son, non-other than Sensei Andrew, expressed how the program can positively influence her health, stress management and of course, family.  He saw amazing progress in his students and wanted his mom to receive the amazing benefits; feel free to ask her how USSD has changed her life.

With her family first values, work ethic, expertise, etc., Ms. Laura covers all bases; striving to ensure that every student and their family receives attention, is informed  and feels valued as a vital member of our Bridge2breakthru team.