Master Joyner

Craig Joyner
Owner B2K Encinitas

Craig is a Master at United Studios of Self Defense, the owner and instructor at USSD Encinitas and now brings his amazing talent and experience to USSD Bridge2breakthru. A native of Michigan, Craig moved to San Diego after completing his education as an electrical engineer in 1982. He started training in Tae Kwon Do but it was not until he discovered the art of Shaolin Kempo through United Studios of Self Defense that his passion truly ignited.

After achieving his first degree black belt in 1995, he decided to leave his field and create his own ‘electricity’ as the owner and full-time Instructor at the Encinitas studio that he rewired for success 1996.

Master Joyner went on to earn his second degree black belt in 1998 and third degree in 2001 at the Shaolin Temple in China.  Though one would think achieving a third degree black belt from the Abbott in China would be the pinnacle of one’s career; that did not stop Mr. Joyner.  He accomplished his fourth degree in 2008 only to return to the Shaolin Temple and receive the extraordinary honor of Master in 2013.

With over 20 years of leadership under his belt (s) Craig has had the unique experience of teaching students starting at 4 years old and watching them grow into young adults heading to college.  His incredible insight, abilities, and expertise in the art will now extend beyond Encinitas as he positively impacts every student and Instructor of United Studios of Self Defense Bridge2breakthru.