School Programs

School programs:


Martial Arts is more than kicking and punching; it’s a way of life for us at USSD’s Bridge2breakthrough.

We teach respect, restraint, and focus that leads to success and self-confidence. More than a standard studio and after-school program, we provide a professional Character Development Program that ensures your students strive and thrive in and out of school!


We Offer:

One hour/One Day Program: FREE!

  • Looking for an engaging assembly activity that boosts safety awareness?
  • Want to add to your Stranger Danger curriculum?
  • Ready for a fun and interactive program?

Then we are here for you!  We are dedicated to our community; martial arts may not be for everyone, but safety and self-awareness is! Call us to schedule a day and time for us to make your students’ school day memorable.


“More than Martial Arts” After School Programs: Price TBD

We teach more than the martial arts!  Our after-school/on-site programs allow students to not only learn invaluable self-defense techniques but also master goal- setting and character improving skills that shine in their home and school life!

Programs are offered for one hour, after-school, on-site and are available as needed. All Instructors are background checked, CPR/First Aid Certified and graduates of The United Studios of Self Defense Academy for Martial Arts Training and Management.


One Day “Active Shooter” Event Training for Teachers:

Having an armed assailant on campus is hard for anyone to imagine happening, yet with over 186 school shootings occurring since Sandy Hook, it’s imperative to become proactive.

Many schools employ the ‘run and hide’ tactic and although it is necessary to keep all the children safe, many teachers have no idea how to protect themselves or their students should the gunman find them.  Countless lives have been lost simply from lack of knowledge.

We provide training based upon the FBI’s Active Shooter Reference Guide with attention to your school’s policies in mind.  Teachers learn how to defend themselves using everyday classroom items; they also understand the basics of gun loading and re- loading to determine if the assailant is vulnerable.



Basic one-hour after school training is FREE!  Want to learn as many lifesaving tools and tips as possible for your students?  Call Stefanie Alberts at 760-484-1435 to discuss days, times, and pricing!