Children's Programs

If every child is unique, shouldn’t their training be?

Imagine a school where students not only work together in a group class to develop team building, leadership, life lessons and social skills, but then have an opportunity to learn ‘core material’ in a way that specifically suits them.

We are all created beautifully different and as a result, we learn differently as well. Whether your child is an auditory, kinesthetic or visual learner, the weekly specialized training sessions (one 25-minute lesson scheduled each week) your child will receive will educate them in the way that they learn best!

Your child will develop their skills at their own pace; not ‘follow the crowd’. And, like learning an instrument, some skills need to be taught on a more personalized level; especially one that teaches control, discipline, goal setting and life saving techniques!

The best part? These personalized lessons are scheduled at a time that works best for you and can be rescheduled at any time, without losing the lesson!

Personalized lessons are scheduled between the hours from 1 pm to 7 pm (except for when group classes are in session)

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Tiny Tigers (3 – 5)

Looking to ‘kick start’ your three- or four-year old’s ability to get focused while having fun? Then our Tiny Tigers program is for you!  Our twice weekly, half hour group classes are perfect for little ones new to a martial arts program and will teach them group dynamics, coordination, develop muscle tone, improve listening skills and help them understand the importance of ‘stranger danger’.

Dragons (5 – 9)

Designed for children 5 to 9, this action packed 45-minute class kicks your elementary aged child’s training up a notch; not only providing more detailed self-defense and team building skill sets, but also helping them develop the social acumen and confidence needed as they approach the ‘middle-school years’.  Each week a life skill will be discussed at our Monday night group class allowing the students to share, learn, grow and overcome the challenges faced at their age together.

Juniors (9 – 13)

Understanding that this age can produce a myriad of interesting challenges for our parents, our Juniors program focuses on goal setting, responsibility and learning techniques that help them control their bodies and actions! Not only do we strive for emotional, mental and social improvement, we will also help your child meet the physical standards required by the State of California’s educational system.

Not sure which program is the right fit for your child? Fill out our contact form to set a complimentary evaluation to determine the best course of education for your child.