Programs for Children

Programs for Children 

To date, more than 2 million American children have had a parent deployed at least once, with over 900,000 overseas, multiple times.

Many families discuss the lack of continuity and control, moving 10 times more than civilian families. Many spouses have difficulty making friends knowing that it is only temporary; feeling self-conscious spending time with civilian couples. 37% of children reported feeling sad or hopeless throughout their parent’s deployment wondering if they would ever see them again.

At Bridge2base, we are building the bridge between military families and we civilians they protect; providing free Martial Arts and Life Skills Training for children of deployed, disabled, and financially stressed retired personnel.

Not only will each student learn an incredible life skill, make friends and feel ‘connected’, but they will also receive invaluable mentoring; in turn, supporting the single parent at home who is working just as hard as their spouse is abroad.

Please review our school website information to find out more!

What we provide:

  • Friendships and fun activities
  • Free time for the at home parent
  • Training in the art of Shaolin Kempo
  • A full martial arts uniform
  • Unlimited team building group classes
  • One personalized lesson per week
  • Character Development training
  • After school assistance
  • Black Belt Study Guide