B2B Stefanie

Stefanie Alberts

Stefanie’s philosophy of giving first makes her an active and integral part of her community. You can consistently find her providing free self-defense, strength training, and empowerment classes every month throughout San Diego.  She and the Bridge3breakthru team regularly dedicate their time to the Girl and Boy Scouts of America, the San Diego County Library, North County Business Chamber and local elementary schools. She spent over a year mentoring the young ladies at Generate Hope; one of the few live in rehabilitative facilities for women who were trafficked through sexual slavery.  She presently enjoys spending each week at ActivCare; a specialized senior living community that serves the changing needs of those with memory loss.


Coming from a multigenerational military family, Stefanie recognized that children of active personnel are a unique group; they not only exert little control over when and where their parents get deployed but need to often transition from a two parenting household to one. It puts a great deal of responsibility on the stay at home parent and makes it difficult for bonds to be created both with the deployed parent as well as within their community and peer group.  By creating a not for profit just for this target, Stefanie’s studios welcome children of deployed, disabled or financially stressed military personnel; affording children a consistency in training, building friendships and allowing the central teachings of peace, focus, discipline and control to become pillars of their lives.