B2B Laura

Laura Walko

Laura’s life is firmly rooted in her passion to save endangered animals; starting her career at the San Diego Safari Park immediately after she graduated. Merchandising allowed her to utilize her spare time after hours to volunteer at Rare and Wild America where her dedication to serve caught the eye of the trainer.  After receiving an education and internship, she became an animal trainer herself until 15 years ago when she followed her true calling to work in the Research Division.

Ms. Laura started training in the Martial Arts when her son, a Sensei at Bridge2breakthru, expressed how the program can positively influence her health, stress management and of course, family life. Seeing almost instant results, she decided to become an instructor and now Studio Manager of Bridge2breakthru. With close family ties to the military (her twin nephews are on active duty with the Navy and USMC), she quickly understood how the life skill benefits of the martial arts can assist families in the military, especially children of deployed parents.

Having the amazing ability to balance her time between the San Diego Safari Park and Bridge2breakthru Karate without Limits, Laura brings her dedication, amazing work ethic, organization and administrational skills to the team at Bridge2base.