B2B Geri

Geri Sears

Though Ms. Geri enjoys the opportunity to instruct students at Bridge2breakthrough Karate, she still manages to find time to foster her philanthropy, dedicating her money and time to supporting a myriad of organizations near and dear to her heart. Geri discovered her altruistic acumen after becoming an in service volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, prompting her to join the Women’s Chapter of the hospital to help raise general funds as well as supply all the new moms in the NICU with comfortable rocking chairs while they bonded with their newborns.

Presently a supporter of the David Sheldrick Wildlife fund, Susan B. Komen Foundation, Girl Scouts of America and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Geri is thrilled to expand her giftedness for giving and fluency in fundraising to Bridge2base.


Through training in the martial arts herself for over 8 years, Geri has personally experienced the value to one’s life that the Bridge2breakthru ‘Karate Kulture’ can add.  With solid friendships formed, the involvement of the entire family, the support given to parents on the school and home front, Geri realized that such benefits should be extended to a population of families, mostly children, often ‘overlooked’ by the civilian sector; those that have dedicated their lives to the military.  It is through Geri’s vision that Bridge2base was formed and we are privileged to have this opportunity to bring her vision to reality.