Bridging Military and Civilian Life through the Merits of the Martial Arts


USSD Bridge2breakthru has taken what most view as an extracurricular activity for kids and created a full time Martial Arts Learning Center for adults and children of all ages. Our Life Skills Program individually instructs each student; ensuring that the Five Principles of effort, etiquette, sincerity, self-control, confidence and character improve all areas of school, work and home life.

Through Bridge2base, these benefits now extend to the families of our armed forces; providing scholarships for the children and emotional support for the spouses of deployed personnel.

Through our Academy of Martial Arts Management and Instruction, we also train and employ transitioning military; instead of providing contacts, we provide jobs.

Programs for Children 

At Bridge2base, we are building the bridge between military families and we civilians they protect; providing free Martial Arts and Life Skills Training for children of deployed, disabled, and financially stressed retired personnel.

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Transitioning Veterans

Many veterans express difficulty transitioning from years of steady structure to the often unorganized pace of civilian life. Yet, the martial arts stresses a balance of the two and is often compared, in its lessons, to the discipline and focus of the military. It is also difficult for many finding employment due to lack of experience or while furthering their education once retired.

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Ways to support

Through Bridge2base 100% of any amount you choose to donate will directly go to serve the children of deployed, financially stressed military personnel or disabled veterans.


In the military world, the traditional family life can change instantly when a parent leaves, not by choice but by duty. Adjusting to a single parent home is difficult for anyone, but not knowing if and when they will return, can be overwhelming.


For the both the children and the spouse that are on their own due to deployment, the base can become the center of the universe. Most parents however, want nothing more than to provide a sense of stability, familiarity and friendship in the school and surrounding environment.


By creating a 501c3 to provide off-base opportunity to teach military children martial arts, we not only create important connections in the community but lend needed support to the parent who find themselves on ‘double duty’. We offer them control, focus, and confidence to succeed in their changing world. In essence, we build a bridge between military and civilian life.

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