Adult Programs

It is NEVER too late to start training at USSD B2K!  Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn self-defense, improve muscle tone, coordination, bone density or simply help ‘turn back the hands of time’, we welcome you!

Our adult classes are not designed to intimidate but empower!  You do not need to be at the peak of fitness or a Ninja to join; we are here to help you achieve your personal goals in a fun, social and stress-free environment because as adults, we can have our fill of stress at home and at work.

Take some time for you!  Prove to yourself that you can do it!  Your physical, emotional and mental well being is worth it, not to mention a great example for your kids!

Open Classes: 

Looking for extra time to train?  Have children that are aged apart enough that you would become a resident here in order to meet the group class schedule? Or, are you a parent who would like to train as a family?

We have you covered!  Our Open group class is designed for every age and rank from 6 years old and up; whether you are a Dragon, Junior or Adult, this fun, fast paced unique class has you covered!