Tax Deductible Tuition for Martial Arts Training?!

Tax Deductible Tuition for Martial Arts Training?!

Benefits of Training Beyond the ‘Mat’

The benefits of training in the martial arts are well known, but did you know there may be financial benefits to training beyond you or your child learning an invaluable skill set and life lessons?

In recent years, practitioners in various medical fields have recognized the amazing effects martial arts instruction has had on their patients, resulting in a ‘prescription to train’ for a program that was once considered an extracurricular activity.

The positive results of training for individuals on the spectrum, with physical limitations, Cerebral Palsy, certain types of depression and even in combination with PTSD treatments have been either well documented or are in the process of being explored.

As a result, progressive practitioners have been writing letters of recommendations, or what I call ‘prescriptions to train’, for their patients resulting in tuition that can be tax deductible.

Please note that not every professional may be ‘on board’, often based upon the misnomer that your child is practicing in an art as aggressive as the UFC. However, if you or your child have been training with noticeable, positive results that complement their traditional ‘treatment plan’ for their specific physical or intellectual challenge and your physician, psychologist or psychiatrist expresses such, ask if a letter can be written for you.

It is not complicated and YES, it has to be written by a true medical professional, considered on a case by case basis. This ‘prescription’ is then simply kept in your records and utilized only in the event there is a question regarding any specific medical deductions.

IT IS ALSO IMPERITIVE TO NOTE that this benefit is not intended for any run of the mill martial arts school. Johnny becoming a blackbelt and deciding to open up ‘Johnny’s Karate Campus’ will not qualify. Cheap, group only schools that build their profits through quantity not quality, where the student is a number not an individual, will not either. The Instructor also needs to be qualified to speak with professionals and create a program that coordinates with the specific goals set.

Want to find what type of school is most likely to qualify? Feel free to read my blog titled ‘How to Maximize the Value of the Martial Arts Advantage for Your Child’ (link below) and understand that it should be a school that provides mandatory individualized instruction with a curriculum designed for you or your child’s specific needs.

*This blog is not meant to be considered financial advice; the author is not an accountant and speaks from personal experience only based upon the structure and accreditation of her school. Any individual considering training as a tax deduction should speak with their accountant and medical professional first and should not assume that utilizing martial arts training as a tax deduction is standard practice*


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