“When I grow up I want to be a ‘Human Shield’”, said no teacher ever!

“When I grow up I want to be a ‘Human Shield’”, said no teacher ever!

When Will School Administrations Make Self-Defense Training for Teachers Mandatory?

Last semester, I was invited by a teacher from a local elementary school to provide a self-defense lesson to the faculty. I brought along a fellow instructor who happened to be a retired Los Angeles Police Officer armed (no pun intended) with the FBI’s ‘Active Shooter Event Quick Reference Guide’, an unloaded gun and a wealth of information and techniques for a myriad of ‘what if’ scenarios.

Four teachers showed up.

The administration did not ‘officially’ promote the event and left it up to the teacher to talk to her fellow staff and convince them to attend what I believed to be a potentially life-saving lesson, ‘after’ hours.

And by the way, the class was FREE.

Hearing that this gal was flying solo on this after school ‘activity’ and a firm believer that teachers should not have to pay to learn how to save the lives of the children in their care out of pocket, we donated our time. It’s the least we could do for a position that is presently being referred to as ‘Human Shield’.

“Most schools instruct teachers to run to the nearest classroom, lock the door and hide in a corner, nothing more”

Of the four, none had any idea what to do if an active shooter showed up on campus other than making a beeline to the nearest classroom, locking the door, and hiding in a corner. One teacher proclaimed that they really did not need to know self-defense because the door is locked and therefore, they would be ‘safe’. Unable to resist, I inquired as to when the bullet proof doors and windows were installed.


Instead, we were handed what was called a ‘Life Bucket’. A ‘Life Bucket’ is a big red bucket that every classroom must be equipped with in the event a maniac arrives on campus and starts slaughtering innocent children and adults.
This is what the ‘Life Bucket’ included: toilet paper, kitty litter, a tarp, tampons, a scissor, duct tape and hand sanitizer. They did not even know what it was for. It took me a minute, but I realized that this mandatory ‘Life Bucket’ was actually a ‘Bathroom Bucket’ in case the students were in the locked classroom and had to pee.

“Violence will always exist in some form; why not teach those in care of our children how to respond when confronted with such?”

I am not going to take any political stance on gun control but I do have questions:

1. If we arm certain teachers with their own firearms, what happens if those individuals are at the other end of the school from where the shooting begins? What does everyone else do?

2. According to Time.com, “there have been 17 shootings in schools in 2018 alone and 290 since 2013, shortly after Sandy Hook”, so why has mandatory self-defense instruction not been implemented to every staff member on campus?

3. If guns are outlawed, will that guarantee that no unstable individual will bring a knife on campus? Or a home-made bomb or other weapon? Check out YouTube; you’d be amazed what arsenal you can create from seemingly innocent items.

I do not have the answers and this will remain a debate of the ages. However, violence of some sort will always exist; whether in the form of guns or not. You can arm a chosen few, by why not ‘arm’ the entire staff with a skill set that could potentially save their life and the children’s lives that are in their care?

I say we skip the ‘Life Bucket’ and instead focus on the ‘Life Saving’.

If you are in the San Diego area, you can contact me at 760-484-1435 or go on www.bridge2breakthru.com to find out how we can bring a self-defense class to your school. To download the FBI’s Active Shooter Event Quick Reference Guide, go to https://www.fbi.gov/file…/active-shooter-event-quick-reference-guide_2015


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